Shattering the Idea of Social Media Strategery

This is a snippet from a larger post on social media analytics from Avinash Kaushik.  Kaushik is a real smart guy, a Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.  

Closing Thoughts: Two Crazy Social Media Lessons

1. Don’t have a social strategy: create products and services that compel social activity.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that the Facebook engagement you create, the amount of traffic you can get from Facebook (to your online or offline presence) will rarely match the engagement, reach and outcomes that people who love your products will create for you.

So yes, focus on having a great Facebook presence and buy ads on Facebook, but remember to make your products and services so amazing that people can’t help talk about them on Facebook. The impact of this organic (free!) activity will blow your mind.

Ultimately social is not just about how social your company is. It is about how many social ripples your products/services create.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Apple. :)

2. Social media success does not guarantee business success.

Dippin’ Dots crossed five million Facebook Fans a couple of days before they filed for bankruptcy in Nov 2011. (They were recently rescued from bankruptcy, no not by their Facebook fans. :)).

Pepsi is one of the most active social media participants, including on Facebook. Yet year over year they’ve continued to lose market share to Coke.

The examples are numerous.

In the end, business success (amazing products and services) can be hugely amplified by social media. Social media success can rarely make up for core problems with your business / business strategy / products and services.

It breaks some things down for me, in the few minutes I’m taking to post this:

  1. Social content is similar to other content that supports brand, service, product and/or mission. The delivery method differs among social channels. No need to think of social content as some unique animal to ‘rassle with.
  2. Build your social messaging to take advantage of each channel’s strengths, and have at it.
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